Finding Faulkner

My journey to discover my Faulkners

The History and Genealogy of William and Mary Faulkner of Wallkill, Ulster (Orange) County, New York - 1710 to Present

Col Wm Faulkner {Gen 1}
William Bull Faulkner {Gen 2}
Sarah Faulkner {Gen 2}
Joseph Faulkner M.D. {Gen 2}
Robert Faulkner {Gen 2}
Mary Faulkner {Gen 2}
James Faulkner {Gen 2}
Margaret Jane Faulkner {Gen 2}
John M Faulkner {Gen 2}
Esther Faulkner {Gen 2}
Susannah Faulkner {Gen 2}
Priscilla Faulkner {Gen 2}
John Faulkner {Gen 3}
Achsah Faulkner {Gen 3}
Matthew Faulkner {Gen 3}
Sarah Faulkner {Gen 3}
Letty Faulkner {Gen 3}
Harriet Houston {Gen 3}
Gabriel Houston {Gen 3}
Catherine Houston {Gen 3}
Franklin Houston {Gen 3}
Nelson Houston {Gen 3}
Thomas E Faulkner {Gen 3}
William S Faulkner {Gen 3}
Mary Ann Faulkner {Gen 3}
James Bull Faulkner {Gen 3}
Catherine Jane Faulkner {Gen 3}
James H Crawford {Gen 3}
Letty Crawford {Gen 3}
Samuel Faulkner {Gen 3}
George Washington Faulkner {Gen 3}
Harrison Horton Faulkner {Gen 3}
Robert Nelson Faulkner {Gen 3}
Esther Ann Faulkner {Gen 3}
Eliza Marie Faulkner {Gen 3}
Mary Jane Faulkner {Gen 3}
Frances Ann "Fanny" Faulkner {Gen 3}
Harrison "Harry" Faulkner {Gen 3}
Henrietta Faulkner {Gen 3}
Harrison Faulkner Horton {Gen 3}
Ruth A Faulkner {Gen 3}
Isabella Faulkner {Gen 3}
Nelson Faulkner {Gen 3}
Mary Ann Morrison {Gen 3}
Gwyn Morrison {Gen 3}
Levi McBride {Gen 3}
Robert M McBride {Gen 3}
Priscilla Faulkner {Gen 4}
John Boak {Gen 4}
Mary Boak {Gen 4}
Robert Boak {Gen 4}
Martha Boak {Gen 4}
James Faulkner Boak {Gen 4}
James Faulkner {Gen 4}
Nelson Bush Sr {Gen 4}
Sarah Jane Booth {Gen 4}
Susan Agnes Booth {Gen 4}
Sarah Ann Houston {Gen 4}
Thomas E Houston {Gen 4}
Henry Owen Houston {Gen 4}
Susan Amelia Houston {Gen 4}
Daniel W Corwin {Gen 4}
Sarah Ann Corwin {Gen 4}
Emeline Corwin {Gen 4}
Mary Corwin {Gen 4}
Carrie L'Hommedieux Houston {Gen 4}
Mary Townsend Houston {Gen 4}
Nelson Townsend Houston {Gen 4}

The Women
Martha McBride Faulkner
Jennie Whitford Faulkner
Jennie Whitford Faulkner: UPDATE
Anna Elizabeth O'Connell Faulkner
Agnes Elizabeth Irons Faulkner

The Men

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