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Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Esther M Lipsett {Gen 4}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Esther M Lipsett (Mary Ann Morrison, Esther, William, William) was born in Orange Co, New York, December 29th 1831, to parents Mary Ann Morrison and Robert Lipsett.

Esther married James Vessey (1801-1894) about 1865 most likely in Orange Co, New York.

The couple has at least one child:
  • Robert Russell Vessey b. 21 Jan 1866 d. 8 Mar 1943 m. Harriet L Smeaton

This was a second marriage for James Vessey. He was about 65 when the couple married. James was born in England about 1801 and became naturalized on 4 Oct 1856 at the Court of Common Pleas, New York County. A man named James Russell of Brooklyn, NY was the witness. James' first wife, Mary Ann, died in November 1857. James had three daughters with his first wife, all grown by the time he started his second family.

James was a druggist by profession, Esther kept house. The family lived in New York City.

Esther M Lipsett Vessey died December 8th 1893 and is buried in the Goodwill Presbeterian Churchyard in Montgomery, Orange Co, New York.

James Vessey died the following year, at the age of 93, while residing in the Home for Old Men and Aged Couples. He is buried in St Michael's Cemetery in Queens, New York.

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