Saturday, August 19, 2017

Book Of The Week: History of Greene County, Ohio

History of Greene County:
Together with Historic Notes on the Northwest, and the State of Ohio 

R. S. Dills
Odell & Mayer, 1881 - Greene County (Ohio) - 1018 pages

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Video Of The Week: Secrets to Successful Irish Family Research

We watch a lot of videos in the Cave. Webinars, instructional videos, continuing education videos, you name it! If it helps with our genealogical pursuit we are all over it!

Each week we thought we'd share one we've enjoyed.

Hope you enjoy it too!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Frasers Of Fife: Generation Four | Alexander Fraser and Elizabeth Martin

1880 John Fraser Family Tree

59 Alexander Fraser (James - 20, Alexander - 5, Duncan - 1) born May 10th 1848


Elizabeth Martin born December 9th 1847

children of this union:

i. James Martin Fraser b. 4/1877 d. 1878 twin

ii. George Fraser b. 4/1877 d. 1878 twin

iii. Elizabeth Calander Fraser b. 9/25/1878

iv. Margaret Calander Fraser b. 6/5/1881

note: Generation Four was (mostly) still living when the Original Tree was created.

~ all information provided here has been taken directly from the John Fraser family tree compiled in 1880 and as such is the only source for these writings - the objective being to record his work for further study and documentation ~ 

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Harrison Faulkner Horton {Gen 3}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Harrison Faulkner Horton (Margaret, Samuel, William) was born in Newbugh, Orange Co, New York, September 11th 1804, to parents Margaret "Peggy" Faulkner and Gabriel H Horton.

Harrison married Emily Coleman December 15th 1829 in New Milford, Orange Co, New York.

The couple had two daughters:
  • Annie M Horton b. 7 Nov 1830 d. 9 May 1852
  • Mary Helen Horton b. 3 Feb 1840 d. 30 Sep 1922 m. Giles C Burnham

What little I know of this family is gleaned from the book Horton Family Genealogy compiled by George Horton, published in 1876. I suspect the Horton part is mostly correct, the Faulkner paragraph however has proved somewhat incorrect. To be expected, I suppose, when it may well have been second- or third-hand information, passed down from memory.

Harrison was educated in the Presbyterian faith and Democratic political school. He was a traveling merchant who moved around several times, ending up in New York City, where he retired.

Harrison Faulkner Horton died August 13th 1883 and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Battle Creek, MI.  His wife, Emily Coleman Horton died February 25th 1853 and is also buried in Michigan. (Their daughter Mary Helen had removed to Michigan upon her marriage)

From the Horton Genealogy book

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book Of The Week: The History of Des Moines County, Iowa

The History of Des Moines County, Iowa:
 Containing a History of the County, Its Cities, Towns, &c, a Biographical Directory of Citizens, War Record of Its Volunteers ... General and Local Statistics ... History of the Northwest, History of Iowa, Map of Des Moines County ...

Western historical Company, 1879 - Des Moines County (Iowa) - 701 pages

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