Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Czachorowskys | From Prussia to Chicago: The Lost Years


The Czachorowskys are a conundrum. They seem to simply 'appear' in Chicago around 1868. Claiming to be from Prussia I have yet to determine their actual origins. Or their point of entry into the United States. Or why they chose Chicago. As I set out to research one family I discovered others. Curiosity getting the best of me, this turned into the study of five Czachorowsky families living in Chicago c. 1870.  It is my hope with this series to make some discoveries to either link these families together, or prove they are not related. This is a real-time research project, I have not worked on this cluster before. I plan to share my discoveries and my frustrations in hopes that more eyes on the evidence will result in some sound conclusions. Join me as I explore these families, maybe we'll make some discoveries together!

"Ah, now, don't cry over lost years and forgetfulness. The tales tell what they can. The rest is for us to learn." ~ Shannon Hale

Not the Czachorowskys, no. Mine. It's been nearly five years since I published the previous chapter of this ongoing tale. And it was by no means the final chapter! No. No, no. I made an uncomfortable discovery prior to telling you about our third suspected brother, it happens. Genealogists and Family Historians uncover lost truths and skeletons often. Doesn't mean it's comfortable. I come to know these people, care about them, feel their joys and their sorrows. Out of respect I took a step back, needing time to sit with my new information; hold the truth to my heart, really think about how to present it to you with love and respect. 

Meanwhile, life goes on, the world keeps on spinning, and each day brings something new and sometimes serendipitously unexpected. That happened. And it ties this whole narrative together. I've kept that bit to myself for a long while too, the Covid-19 Pandemic took a front burner for me and my family for most of 2020 and 2021, but it's time to start the tale up again. Wrap this story up. Yes, it is a never ending story, as all family stories are, but there is a point in the past where the sands of time erase all trace and the trail becomes untrackable. Let's take this to that point, shall we?

It's time.............

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