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Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Clarence W Faulkner {Gen 4}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Clarence W Faulkner (George W, Robert, Samuel, William) was born in Indiana March 25th 1842, to parents George Washington Faulkner and Harriet Pheobe Smith.

Clarence married (1) Lovina Lansing (1848-1867) July 3rd 1866 in Chicago, IL (2) Ella A Stebbins (1850-1884) September 14th 1868 in Oceana Co, MI (3) Alice Sullivan (1845-1928) September 12th 1875 in Chicago, IL AND April 11th 1903 in Indiana.

Clarence and Lovina had one child born in Oceana Co, MI:

  • UFN Faulkner b. Oct 1867 d. UNK

Lovina died in childbirth October 6th 1867. It is not know whether the child survived. Lovina is buried in Pentwater Twp Cemetery in Pentwater, Oceana Co, Mi.

After a brief hiatus in Chicago, IL Clarence returned to Pentwater, MI and married for a second time.

Clarence and Ella had one child born in Jefferson Co, CO:

  • Clarence I Faulkner b. 25 Mar 1873 d. UNK m. Lena P Dickerson

Clarence and Ella got divorced shortly after the birth of their son and Clarence returned to Chicago, IL, where he married for a third time. Ella married Clark A Titus in 1882, having two more children with him. Ella died in childbirth Oct 2 1884 and is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Boulder, CO.

Clarence and Alice had one child born Chicago IL:

  • Fred Faulkner b. 19 Jun 1868 d. 22 Sep 1935 never married

Clarence was in the grocery and restaurant business and traveled a lot. I can only speculate, but it is curious that his son Fred was born in 1868 (to his third wife) two months before Clarence married his second wife. Unless Fred is not Clarence's son, this is still a mystery needing to be solved.

Clarence's brother RN Faulkner was attending college in Chicago in 1867 and 1868.

Clarence may not have know about the birth of his son Fred before he married Ella. That marriage was short-lived and Clarence returned to Chicago to marry Fred's mother. The couple remained married, I presume, until Clarence's death March 25th 1926. Alice followed two years later on March 11th 1928. They are buried in the Westville Cemetery in LaPorte Co, IN with their son Fred.

I did find another marriage record for Clarence W Faulkner and Alice Faulkner in 1903 in Indiana ...... I don't know why. 

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