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Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Sarah Jane McGowan {Gen 5}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Sarah Jane McGowan (Priscilla, John, William Bull, James, William) was born in Orange Co, New York, October 21st, 1823, to parents Priscilla Faulkner and Benjamin McGowan.

Sarah married James Van Keuren (1806-1884) about 1843 most likely in Ulster Co, New York.

The couple had at least 12 children:

  • Mary Jane Van Keuren b. 24 Mar 1844 d. UNK
  • Anna Catherine Van Keuren b. Jul 1845 d. BEF 1850 in childhood
  • Christina J Van Keuren b. Jul 1845 d. 5 Jul 1922 m. Herman Crans no issue
  • Eugenia Van Keuren b. 15 Dec 1846 d. BEF 1920 m. William A Heath
  • Anna Louisa Van Keuren b. abt 1848 d. 26 Feb 1928 never married
  • Ann Margaret Van Keuren b. 1 Feb 1850 d. 1927 m. Hugh Muir no issue
  • John Fowler Van Keuren b. 24 Aug 1853 d. 17 Aug 1858 in childhood
  • Sarah Elizabeth Van Keuren b. 15 Apr 1856 d. 26 Mar 1910 never married
  • Emma Catherine Van Keuren b. 25 Jan 1859 d. 1923 m. James H Boyce
  • James Hazel Van Keuren b. 28 Jan 1861 d. 1941 m. Gertrude S LNU no issue
  • William Van Keuren b. 11 Aug 1863 d. 19 Apr 1938 m. Clara LNU
  • Ella Ettie Van Keuren b. 27 Jul 1866 d. 30 May 1934 m. Thomas S Elder

James was a bachelor farmer when he married Sarah Jane. She was 20 years old, he was 37. The family attended the New Prospect Dutch Reformed Church in Pine Bush, Ulster Co, New York. 

James Van Keuren died March 8th 1844. He was 77 years old. He is buried in the New Prospect Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery in Pine Bush, Ulster Co, New York.

Sarah Jame McGowan Van Keuren died April 13th 1895 at the age of 71. She is buried alongside her husband in the New Prospect Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery. Many of their children are buried there as well.

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