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Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Sarah Ann Houston {Gen 4}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Sarah Ann Houston (Gabriel Houston, Sarah, James, William) was born in Glenwood, New Jersey June 30th 1822, to parents Gabriel Houston and Susan Ann Owen.

Sarah Ann married Festus Hathaway Vail (1817-1878) on January 1st 1842 in Warwick, Orange Co, New York.

The couple had at least eight children: six born Warwick, Orange Co, New York, two born Sussex Co, New Jersey
  • Abbie Jane Vail b. 19 Dec 1842 NY d. 26 Nov 1874 m. John Grey
  • Sarah Frances Vail b. 13 Jul 1844 NY d. 18 Feb 1924 never married
  • Henrietta Mead Vail b. 19 Feb 1846 NY d. 9 Dec 1940 m. (1) Harry Hopper (2) Joseph Andrews 
  • Thomas H Vail b. 9 Jun 1848 NY d. UNK  m. Ellen LNU
  • Susan Arminta Vail b. 8 May 1851 NY d. 17 Nov 1897 m. FNU Corbett
  • Harriet Louise Vail b. 13 Feb 1853 NJ d. 24 Sep 1926 m. Alfred W Youngblood
  • Anna Florence Vail b. 26 Aug 1854 NJ d. 30 May 1930 m. Alanson Comfort
  • Jesse Fremont Vail b.2 Apr 1856 NY d. 3 Apr 1857 died in infancy

Not much is known of Sarah Ann's life. She married Festus Vail at the age of 19. Festus was a farmer in Warwick, Orange Co, New York. Glenwood, New Jersey, where Sarah Ann was born and raised, is less than 10 miles from Warwick, New York. Sarah Ann's mother's family was from the Warwick, New York area.

Sarah Ann gave birth to 8 children in 16 years, burying her last child a year before her own death. Sarah Ann Houston Vail died June 8th 1858 just shy of 36th birthday. She is buried in the Warwick Cemetery in Warwick, Orange Co, New York with her parents and grandparents.

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