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Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Harriet Crawford {Gen 4}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Harriet Crawford (James Crawford, Mary, Samuel, William) was born in Orange Co, New York in 1830, to parents James H Crawford and Catherine W Bull.

Harriet married William McKeag (1825-1909) about 1854 most likely in Orange Co, New York, but possibly in New York City.

The couple had at least nine children:
  • William Crawford McKeag b. 15 Apr 1855 d. 11 Nov 1891 never married
  • James Harvey McKeag b. 5 Feb 1857 d. 28 Feb 1938 never married
  • Harriet McKeag b. 22 Apr 1859 d. 16 Jan 1919 never married
  • Mary Estelle McKeag b. 18 Dec 1861 d. Aug 1928 never married
  • Arthur McKeag b. 4 Jan 1863 d. UNK 
  • Charles McKeag b. 21 Oct 1864 d. 22 Aug 1931 never married
  • David Prescott McKeag b. 26 Jun 1866 d. Feb 1867 in infancy
  • Catherine McKeag b. 26 Apr 1868 d. Jan 1949 never married
  • Alice McKeag b. Oct 1871 d. 23 Sep 1931 never married

William was a lawyer in New York City. All the children were born in Brooklyn, New York and baptized at the Manhattan Church, in Brooklyn, NY.

Harriet Crawford McKeag died in early May 1875 at the age of 45. She left behind at least seven children ranging in age from 20 years to 5 years. Harriet is buried at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Manhattan.

William McKeag never remarried. All of the couple's children remained at home throughout their adult life and interestingly, not one of them married. I do not know what happened to son Arthur, it's possible he died in infancy.

William McKeag died December 1st 1909 and is buried in the Green-Wood Cemetery with Harriet and all of their children.

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