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Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Lucinda L Faulkner {Gen 4}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Lucinda Louise Faulkner (Harrison H, Robert, Samuel, William) was born in Cass Co, Michigan July 1st 1861, to parents Harrison Horton Faulkner and Mary Adams.

Lucinda married Henry Young (1852-1938) March 8th 1879 in Newberg, Cass Co, Michigan.

The couple had eight children: all born Mason Co, Michigan except Riley, born Cass Co, MI

  • Riley Earl Young b. 10 Oct 1883 d. 9 Nov 1951 m. Mary C Myers
  • Fannie Mae Young b. 15 Nov 1885 d. 24 Feb 1974 m. Charles E Hollingsworth
  • Ever Louis Young b. 5 Jul 1886 d. 11 Dec 1958 m. Ethel J Payne
  • Bertha Ann Young b. 18 Feb 1893 d. Aug 1957 m. Carl W Jones
  • Irma Viola Young b. 5 Jul 1895 d. 4 Nov 1952 m. (1) Carl Miller (2) Clarence Reiling
  • Della A Young b. 4 Jul 1897 d. 6 Jun 1994 m. Christian Arentzen no issue
  • Merle A Young b. 27 Oct 1899 d. 1 Nov 1923 
  • Etta Rena Young b. 25 Aug 1902 d. UNK m. William Blundell

Lucinda was the second child of Harrison Faulkner and Mary Adams, Harrison's second wife.

Lucinda and Henry lived in Cass Co, Michigan until late fall 1883, when Henry bought farm land in Mason Co, MI. The farm contained a small log cabin. Henry moved the family's household contents by wagon to their new home while Lucinda and infant son Riley took the train to Pentwater, MI, then  crossed the lake by ferry where Henry met them and took them to their new home.

Lucinda was a mid-wife and also was called upon to dress the dead for funerals.

Lucinda Faulkner Young died May 11th 1919 of organic heart disease. She was 57 years old.

Henry Young lived almost 20 years longer, following his wife to the grave on May 4th 1938. Henry died of cerebral hemorrhage and pneumonia. Henry was 85 years old. 

The couple and several of their children are buried in the family plot in Brookside Cemetery in Scottville, Mason Co, MI.

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