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Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Mary Townsend Houston {Gen 4}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Mary Townsend Houston (Nelson Houston, Sarah, James, William) was born in Cornwall, Orange Co, New York, July 19th 1842, to parents Nelson Houston and Sarah Townsend.

Mary married (1) Robert Clifton Steele (1836-1865) on September 6th 1860, at the Presbyterian Church of Cornwall, Cornwall, Orange Co, New York. Mary married (2) Walter Case Anthony (1842-1930) on December 2nd 1868, in Newburgh, Orange Co, New York. 

Mary and Robert had, at least, the following children: born Cornwall, Orange Co, NY

  • Josephine Clifton Steele b. 3 Jul 1861 d. 12 Jan 1934 m. John M Adams no issue
  • Sarah Townsend Steele b. 16 Jan 1864 d. 13 Apr 1951 m. Dr John Taylor Howell Sr 

Mary and Walter had at least one child: born Newburgh, Orange Co, NY

  • Theodore Van Wyck Anthony b. 9 Jan 1875 d. 19 Jul 1954 m. Alys E Sykes no issue

Robert C Steele emigrated from England shortly before marrying Mary. Not much is known about Robert, why he emigrated or what his profession was. Robert died in his 30th year on March 19th 1865 leaving Mary, a very young widow, with two small children to care for. Mary buried her husband in the Friends Cemetery in Cornwall, Orange Co, New York.

Mary returned to her father's home until December 1868 when she married Walter C Anthony. Walter was a lawyer practicing in Newburgh, Orange Co, New York.  

Mary Townsend Houston Steele Anthony died November 12th 1923 at the age of 81. Her burial location is unknown.

Walter C Anthony died September 26th 1930 at the age of 88. Walter's burial location is also unknown. 

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