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Tools For The Dig: State Focused Research | Missouri

State Focused Research | Missouri

Some of my favorite research sites are slightly off-radar by today's definition.

First I'd like to talk about Genealogy Trails. From their homepage: "Our goal is to help you track your ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical and historical data and placing it online for the free use of all researchers. We are all about adding data for you to use in researching your family lines!!! We know that what you're looking for is data -- and we have LOTS of it right here.
Our hosts work continuously to bring you fresh, interesting and NEW data (well.... as new as hundred year old data can be!!!)" Pretty much everything you need to know to begin your Missouri research is contained within the pages of  Missouri Genealogy Trails. This is a thorough, well thought out site - and they are always looking for volunteers!

Companion Yahoo! Group: Genealogy Trails/MidwesternStates

Next up, RAOGK. Another volunteer site. A treasure trove of links, well organized and easy to understand. From this site you can request look-ups from a team of Missouri volunteers. Or add you name to the volunteer list if Missouri is your home-base.

MOGenWeb is an oldie but a goody! Volunteer based also, this database was founded in 1996! From their home page: "MOGenWeb isn’t an ordinary genealogy website. Ordinary websites are those where text and sometimes pretty pictures are present, but trying to get in touch with a real person to help you with your research… impossible. The strength of MOGenWeb is its many volunteers, some of whom have spent over a decade assisting others with their Missouri research. Using our county page visit the Missouri county your ancestors lived in and first try and find any information the county may freely provide on their pages (most have some sort of search built in). If the particular fact isn’t available online, then reach out to the county coordinator (cc) and they will try and assist you as best they can. Most county coordinators have their email address available on their website, though some will use contact forms."

Linkpendium is another all around resource hub. So What is Linkpendium, Anyway? "Linkpendium is a 10,000,000+ resource directory to everything on the Web about families worldwide and genealogically-relevant information about U.S. states and counties. We cover both free and subscription sites, with a strong emphasis upon free resources provided by libraries, other government agencies, genealogical and historical societies, and individuals. We are particularly proud of our unique indexes to online biographies."

Cyndi's List Missouri page.

Missouri State Wiki
Missouri State Catalog
Missouri Online Genealogy Records

State societies and archives include:
Missouri State Genealogical Association
The State Historical Society of Missouri
Digital State Archives/Missouri

Missouri Secretary of State offers:
Missouri State Archives
Local Records Inventory Database

Missouri is home to the Midwest Genealogy Center

A comprehensive list of newspapers can be found at The Ancestor Hunt's Missouri page.

For social context look at LOC Missouri Collection, DPLA Missouri Hub and State of Missouri Digital Collections.

As I discover more resources I'll update this post. Do you have any Missouri favorites that I've missed? Please share!

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