Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mayflower Month! My Connection To The Pilgrims

Well, it's November. 


Here in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving later this month. The characters of our Thanksgiving are the Pilgrims who sailed across the ocean on the Mayflower to land at Plymouth Rock, and thus colonize the New World. Every schoolchild knows the story. Parents and Grandparents sit through 'The First Thanksgiving" plays, watching their progeny in construction paper headdresses and Pilgrim hats. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving airs on TV. And personal curiosity to find a connection to one of the original 102 travelers peaks. Everybody wants to have a Mayflower Connection!! 

At least in November.

The blood of several Mayflower passengers courses through my veins. It is exciting, as a genealogist and family historian, to make the connection. To think of those people, my ancestors, and their lives; struggles and triumphs, wins and loses. The oppression that drove them to a virtually unknown wilderness across a vast ocean, guided by their beliefs. Facing delay and peril, yet forging ahead.

Strong people. 

Stubborn people. 

My people.

To date I have discovered my connection to three families:

  • Isaac and Mary (Norris) Allerton through their daughter Remember.
  • Edward Fuller through his son Matthew.
  • Stephen Hopkins through his daughter Constance.

In the coming weeks I will briefly explore each of these families and share my connection. As so much has already been written on these folks I seen no need for in-depth coverage, but I would like to share my ties, and hopefully discover some 'cousins' who share some of the same ancestors.

Until next time here are some links for further reading:

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