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Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Joseph Faulkner M.D. {Gen 2}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Joseph Faulkner (James, William) was born to James Faulkner and Catherine Bull Faulkner in 1770/80 in New Windsor, then Ulster Co, New York. The information comes from the Bull Book and is not definite on the date.

Joseph married Priscilla Faulkner (William, William) his first cousin most likely in New York.

To this union ten (maybe) children were born:

  • William Faulkner b. 1810 d. November 5th 1876 - never married
  • Cassandra Faulkner b. 1812 d. Somerset PA
  • Clarissa Faulkner b. 1812 d. 1903
  • Thomas Faulkner b. 1809 m. Susan Van Vorhees 1828 - Colonel Civil War
  • Mary A. Faulkner b. November 5th 1811 m. Hiram Walsh d. July 29th 1891 Illinois

The next five children are also attributed to this union, but the birth dates given in the Bull Book seem unlikely to be the same mother. More research is needed.

  • James Bull Faulkner b. 28 June 1824 m. Susan Murdock
  • Catherine Faulkner b. 1826 m. J. Wells
  • Martha Faulkner b. 1827 m. Franklyn Coleman d. March 3rd 1859
  • Phinney Faulkner b. 1829 d. April 18th 1857 in Tennessee of Yellow Fever - Reverend - never married
  • John Faulkner b. 1835 - never married

Joseph Faulkner died before 1850 in Dundaff, Pennsylvania
Priscilla Faulkner Faulkner died September 10th 1868 in Dundaff, Pennsylvania

note: this is recorded as written in the Bull/Wells Genealogy Book. This branch of the Faulkner line has not been researched or verified by me. I include it merely to document all descendants. 

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