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Mayflower Month! My Connection to Edward Fuller

Edward Fuller has been generally identified as the son of Robert and Sara (Dunkhorn) Fuller, baptized on 4 September 1575 at Redenhall, Norfolk. Thomas Morton, writing in 1637, says that Samuel Fuller (brother of Edward Fuller) was the son of a butcher. The name Matthew also occurs in this Redenhall Fuller family. 

The name of Edward Fuller's wife has not been discovered. In James Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England (1860-1862), Edward Fuller's wife was given as "Ann". However, there are no American or English records which give her name. I suspect James Savage may have made a simple typographical error: Mayflower passenger Edward Tilley had a wife Ann; or perhaps he was thinking of their sister Ann Fuller. Nonetheless, numerous sources published after 1860 have utilized Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, and so the identification of Ann can be found in numerous other books and online resources.

Very little is known about Edward Fuller. What is known is that he, his wife, and his son Samuel came on the Mayflower in 1620 to Plymouth. A single Leiden judicial document mentions Edward Fuller, and proves that he, like brother Samuel Fuller, were living in Leiden. Both Edward and his wife died the first winter, but son Samuel (who would have been about 12), survived. An older brother, Matthew, had stayed behind, and came to America later. ~from

My Lineage

  • Edward Fuller
  • Matthew Fuller (1605/1678) married Frances LNUK
  • Elizabeth Fuller (1627/1714) married Moses Rowley Sr (1627/1705)
  • Moses Rowley Jr (1654/1735) married Mary LNUK (some say Fletcher, not proved)
  • Moses Rowley III (1679/1735) married Martha Porter
  • Daniel Rowley (1719/UNK) married Bethiah Langrill (1725/1750)
  • Joseph Langrill Rowley (1750/1837) married Hannah Loveland
  • Joseph Rowley (1788/1853) married Annie Beach (1790/1863)
  • Rossiter Clark Rowley (1818/1912) married Rhoda Ann Vredenburgh (1818/1890)
  • Flora Dell Rowley (1857/1932) married Jesse Louis Twining (1850/1933)
  • Carrie Elizabeth Twining (1881/1969) married Irving A Potwin (1878/1938)
  • Elizabeth Twining Potwin (1904/1985) married Robert W Thomas (1804/1955)
  • Elizabeth A Thomas (1936 - ) married Robert L Faulkner (1934 - )
  • ME

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