Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | William Bull Faulkner {Gen 2}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

William Bull Faulkner (James, William) was born to James and Catherine Bull Faulkner in the town of New Windsor, then Ulster County, New York in 1758; according to the Bull Family Book.

William married an UNK first wife about 1774.

to this union four children were born (most likely Middletown, New York):

  • John Faulkner b. August 1775 m. Catherine McCord
  • Achsah Faulkner b. about 1777 m. James Boak
  • Matthew Faulkner b. 1778 m. Isabelle Robinson
  • Levi Faulkner b. 1779 d. September 20th 1804 - fell from a horse and died/never married

William married Agnes 'Nancy' McWilliams April 3rd 1788 at the First Presbyterian Church in Goshen, New York.

to this union four children were born (all Orange County, New York):

  • Sarah Faulkner b. 1789 m. William T. Bush Jr.
  • Letty Faulkner b. 1790 m. Benjamin Everett
  • Joseph Faulkner M.D. b. 1795 d. January 17th 1856 - never married
  • Esther Faulkner b. 1798 d. UNK

William Bull Faulkner died in 1798.

Agnes McWilliams Faulkner married for a second time, William Stubbs, Jr. in 1802. (per Bull Family Book) She died December 3rd 1830

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