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Frasers of Fife: Generation Three | Alexander Fraser and Ann Young

1880 John Fraser Family Tree

23. Alexander Fraser (Alexander - 5, Duncan -1) born April 20th - year not recorded - engineer

married 1840

Ann Young birth not recorded

children born to this union:

      i. Jeanie Fraser b. October 31st 1841 d. July 15th 1849

61. ii. Janet Fraser b. February 27th 1844 married A. Short

62. iii. Ann Fraser b. November 29th 1848 married Mr. Carnegie

      iv. Margaret Fraser b. March 8th 1851 d. October 22nd 1861

      v. Elizabeth Fraser b. February 1st 1853 d. February 3rd 1855

Alexander was killed in 1855
Ann died in 1854

Editors note: I was struck by the fact that the mother, Ann, died in 1854, the father, Alexander, was killed in 1855. The youngest daughter died in 1855 as well. My question is who raised the remaining children? Even though these are just names on paper now, they were once living people, seems quite the tragedy struck this young family.

~ all information provided here has been taken directly from the John Fraser family tree compiled in 1880 and as such is the only source for these writings - the objective being to record his work for further study and documentation ~ 

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