Sunday, June 26, 2016

the Sunday Soapbox | Because Sometimes You've Just Got To Get It Off Your Chest

Friends and followers, I feel the need to vent. Beats running around the Cave yelling and banging my head against the wall .... 
Disclaimer: the views expressed here are entirely my own. 
Read at your discretion.

On Thursday of this past week, I successfully completed my tree merge, bringing all my branches together into one master tree. I easily used Family Tree Maker to complete the task. I saved a bunch of back-ups along the way, and after the initial, brief moment of panic, (I'm creating a monster!) felt  pretty darned good. Time to upload to!

Easy, right?

Think again. (Is anything ever really easy with

The actual uploading went quite smoothly. Took about 6 minutes, with an additional 15 to sync all the media. Excited to feast my eyes on my creation, I began to take a look around. Almost immediately I noticed something was amiss. My 3rd great grandparent's entire family was duplicated. 

What. The. Heck?!

I quickly checked the FTM tree. All good there. Checking the list of all people in my Ancestry tree showed no duplicates. Curious. I attempted to delete the second set of the same family, only to have it delete in BOTH sets! Dang it!! I opened up the quick edit and made sure everybody was linked correctly. Looked good. So, what? 

Taking a deep breath, I visited the Facebook page and posted my dilemma on their timelime. I included the screenshot of the issue. I wrote: "Are we having issues again? Tried to update a piece of my tree from Family Tree Maker - this is what happened! It's correct on FTM, they are NOT duplicate people - same family added twice. If I delete one they both get wiped out. Can't merge either, because there is only one of each in my list of people - but somehow they have replicated on this family. ??? How do I fix this? Seems like a coding issue .... (your help is down, of course ...)

It has long been my experience that the use of Social Media brings a response faster than any other avenue of communication.

I did get a response. Within the hour! "Hi Anne, we'd like to take a closer look at this. Can you please send us a private message with your Ancestry username?"

So I did. You can probably guess the outcome of this already if you've ever had any contact with's "help", but I'll see it through ....

The suggestion was to send a more detailed email (yeah, I know) including the screenshot.

So I did.

Two days later I get a response: "Thank you for contacting Ancestry through one of our social media channels. Sorry to hear you're having issues with a family being duplicated in your family tree. That is very odd, there is likely a relationship mistake which has taken place which has caused this to happen. We've included a link below that will show you how to correct any relationship mistakes in your family tree. If the error does not show on Ancestry please focus on the steps in the second article relating to family tree maker.

Answer Link: Fixing Relationship mistakes in Ancestry Member Trees
Answer Link: Fixing relationship mistakes in Family Tree Maker

Thanks again for your email, we wish you a lovely day today! 
 If you need additional assistance, please feel free to reply to this message."

Nope. NOT a relationship mistake. That was one of the first things I checked. Plus, it's all fine on FTM. Additionally, the links that were supplied did not work ......

I responded that their links did not work, however, I knew it was not a relationship mistake - I'd already checked that. On both ends. response: "Thank you for your response. In this case, please follow this link first and follow the instructions in full to optimize your browser to function properly with our site: Optimizing your Ancestry Experience"

Well, that link didn't work either, but I already knew where it would send me.

Steam boiling out of my ears, I wanted to punch someone. It is NOT my cache and cookies!!! No!!! No, it's not!! Why, Ancestry, is that always your solution? If only it were that easy, we could solve all the world's problems by simply clearing the cache and cookies!! And not taking any responsibility ....

By this time, I had already solved my own problem. How? EASY!

I deleted the tree and re-uploaded it.

Works great.

Silly me for thinking just might want to know about this glitch. Or care.

Incidentally, I noticed today that others are experiencing similar issues ..... this time on already existing trees ...... oh boy.

Thanks for letting me vent. ♥

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