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PATRIOT WEEK! Thomas Wilson Jr. (1740 ~ 1824)

Thomas Wilson Jr started it all. At least for my family. My grandmother's mother dabbled in genealogy and family history, so I assume my grandmother grew up fed on family stories. I'm unclear as to when my grandmother became a serious enthusiast, but I believe it was her quest to join the DAR that turned her hobby into an obsession.

Thomas Wilson Jr was her gateway ancestor.

My grandmother was granted acceptance into the DAR October 13th, 1954. Thomas Wilson Jr. was her entry into what would become her quest, passion, and purpose for the remainder of her life.

Thomas Wilson Jr. (DAR #A127842 - SAR #P-322192) was a Private in the American Revolution under the command of Captain George Richard Byrd. He enlisted in the 4th Company, Frederick Detachment, of the 4th Maryland Battalion on May 5th, 1782.

Born April 5th, 1740 in what was then Maryland Colony, to Scotch-Irish parents, Thomas spent his early years farming the family's land.

On June 17th, 1776 Thomas married Elizabeth Hays (or Hayes) a woman 15 years his junior. He then spent several more years on the farm before heeding the call to pick up a rifle and fight. Thomas left behind his young bride and two small sons.

I am descended from Thomas and Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth. My lineage is as follows:

Thomas Wilson (1740 - 1824) m. Elizabeth Hays (1755 - 1824)
i. Elizabeth Wilson (1791 - 1850) m. Jesse Ashby (1789 - 1879)
i. Priscilla Bickford Ashby (1817 - 1911) m. Edward Wolcott Twining (1814 - 1897)
i. Jesse Louis Twining (1850 - 1933) m. Flora Dell Rowley (1857 - 1932)
i. Carrie Elizabeth Twining (1881 - 1969) m. Irving Augustus Potwin (1878 - 1938)
i. Elizabeth Twining Potwin (1904 - 1985) - my grandmother

In 1792 Thomas again felt the call to duty and re-joined the army commanding a company under General "Mad Anthony" Wayne. Ultimately attaining the rank of captain, and becoming somewhat of a local war hero due to his skirmishes with the Indians.

Thomas is buried in Wilson Cemetery in Altamont, Maryland near his homestead, Wilson Farm, which is catalogued in the Maryland Historical Trust - State Historic Sites inventory.

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