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PATRIOT WEEK! Elijah Twining (1741 ~ 1802)

Why my grandmother never used Elijah Twining for one of her supplemental patriots, I will never know. The Twining family was her passion. Her middle name was Twining. Her mother was a Twining. By far her biggest genealogy file was the Twining research file. But, Elijah was never added to her roster of DAR patriots.

Elijah Twining had roots in America long before the Revolutionary War. His 3rd great grandfather, Stephen Hopkins, became enamored with the New World since his first arrival at Jamestown in 1610. The rest is, very much, history.

Elijah Twining was born November 4th, 1741 in Eastham, Massachusetts Colony, to William Twining and Apphia Lewis. He married Lois Rogers in October of 1762. The couple had 10 children, 7 grew to adulthood.

Elijah's official part in the war was a small one, but he remained very much in service to his community and his country. He enlisted as a private in Lieutenant Samuel Knowles's Co. of Maj. Zenas Winslow's regiment of the Massachusetts Militia from September 6th to September 13th, 1778 where he was on alarms at Bedford and Falmouth. He was actively the Eastham town constable during this time and was put into special service as a commissioned officer of the State treasurer to collect a wartime tax from the town "for defraying the public charge".

Elijah Twining is a registered patriot with both the DAR and the SAR. DAR #A117523, SAR #P-332783

I am descended from Elijah and Lois's son Lewis. My lineage is as follows:

Elijah Twining (1741 - 1802) m. Lois Rogers (1744 - 1815)
i. Lewis Twining Sr (1777 - 1821) m. Jennett Smith (1780 - 1827)
i. Edward Wolcott Twining (1814 - 1897) m. Priscilla Bickford Ashby (1817 - 1911)
i. Jesse Louis Twining (1850 - 1933) m. Flora Dell Rowley (1857 - 1932)
i. Carrie Elizabeth Twining (1881 - 1969) m. Irving Augustus Potwin (1878 - 1938)
i. Elizabeth Twining Potwin (1904 - 1985) - my grandmother

Elijah Twining died October 2nd, 1802. He is buried in the Twining Cemetery in Tolland, Massachusetts.

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