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PATRIOT WEEK! Joseph Rowley (1750 ~ 1837)

Joseph Rowley. Joseph L. Rowley? Joseph Langrill Rowley? My grandmother's supplemental patriot. There seems to be a bit of confusion, however. The DAR had two Joseph Rowley's, the SAR has four. My grandmother's paperwork lists this particular patriot Joseph Langrill Rowley, but the official DAR record lists him as just Joseph Rowley. There is another patriot listed as Joseph Langrill Rowley, a seaman, not the same as the subject of this sketch, or my ancestor. The SAR list makes even less sense. They have three Joseph Rowley's with similar birth years and death dates. And, Joseph Langrill Rowley, the seaman.

Are you confused? I sure am!

Here's what I know. Joseph Rowley was born in Colchester, Connecticut May 13th, 1750. He married Hannah Loveland, his second wife, maybe, between 1779 and 1785. He died in Victor, Ontario Co, New York December 23rd, 1835.

Private Joseph Rowley enlisted October 1st, 1775 in Col Simon's regiment, Capt Amos Rathburn's company, Major Jacob Hyde's detachment, of the Massachusetts Militia. He marched to Lake George than on to Ticonderoga. In 1776 he was in the same service under Col Ashley. Between 1778 and 1780 he frequently volunteered to go out on scouting service after Indians and Tories. Joseph Rowley was injured in an undisclosed accident.

DAR #A099328 and SAR #P-282473 seem to make the most sense. That is the patriot my grandmother is associated with. (And me too, actually)

The Fold3 memorial page for Joseph Rowley clearly has the two men combined. Not helping. The SAR applications available on Ancestry are also a variety of misinformation.

Looks like I've got myself  a project!!** But for now, here is what I have:

I am descended from Joseph Rowley and Hannah Loveland through their son Joseph. My lineage is as follows:

Joseph Rowley (1750 - 1837) m. Hannah Loveland (1760 - UNK)
i. Joseph Rowley (1788 - 1853) m. Anna Beach (1790 - 1863)
i. Rossiter Clark Rowley (1818 -1912) m. Rhoda Ann Vredenburg (1818 -1890)
i. Flora Dell Rowley (1857 - 1932) m. Jesse Louis Twining (1850 - 1933)
i. Carrie Elizabeth Twining (1881 - 1969) m. Irving Augustus Potwin (1878 - 1938)
i. Elizabeth Twining Potwin (1904 - 1985) - my grandmother

I have reason to suspect that Joseph is descended from Edward Fuller, the Mayflower Compact signer. The research on this man will continue!

**'project' update: you can read about how I sorted this all out here.

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