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Notes From My Grandmother | Potwin Lineage and Genealogy, Part 2

Somehow, much of my grandmother's hand written and (badly) typed notes and research wound up in my possession. Traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles and back to Chicago again. It sat, in the dark of my mother's closet, until my dad passed and my mom decided to begin her great purge. Knowing I had picked up the torch, the next generation to pursue the Greatest Hobby on Earth, the papers came to live with me. Unsure for many years on just what to do with them, I have decided to bring them out and share them with you - transcribed, of course - no one can read my grandmother's handwriting! But in her own words; mistakes, rambling sentences, and all. I think she will be pleased her work and her writing are once again out in the light.


John Potwine Sr, Esq. - a title very few had bestowed upon them. John was born in 1698, probably Boston. His marriage to Mary Jackson was April 20, 1721. There were ten children from this union. John married a second wife, Elizabeth Lyman Moseley, February 7, 1771.  

John was a gold and silver-smith; much of his work is displayed at the Boston Museum. 

He attended Yale University. 

He moved his family from New Haven, Connecticut to Hartford in 1740. There he had a store where he sold fine merchandise. 

His wife Mary was from a Boston family whose descendants number among many prominent families. John and his wife Mary are buried in East Windsor Connecticut.


John Potwine b. 1698 in America (Boston)
                        d. May 16, 1792
                        m. April 20, 1721 to Mary Jackson - (1st wife)
                                                          b. 1698
                                                          d. March 31, 1766
                        m. February 7, 1771 to Elizabeth Lyman Moseley (widow of Abner)
                                                              b. 1702
                                                              d. April 19, 1778

Mary b. 5/1/1722 d. 6/25/1730
Sarah b. 7/10/1724 d. 7/2/1730
Elizabeth b. 5/25/1726 d. 8/7/1751
John b. 5/7/1728 d. 8/20/1785 - lived in Weatherfield, CT - had 11 children
Ann b. 12/20/1729 d. 1/19/1731
THOMAS b. 10/3(13)/1731 d. 11/15/1802 - became Reverend T. Potwin    
Mary b. 3/26/1734 d. 5/22/1792
Nathaniel b. 6/8/1737 d. 6/20/1737
Sarah b. 2/24/1738 d. 4/14/1739
Sarah b. 6/25/1740 d. 9/?/1802

                                                             END of Part 2

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©1980 Elizabeth Twining Potwin Thomas - private collection

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