Sunday, August 14, 2016

Field Notes: Chasing Unicorns


We all have them.

Elusive ancestors that hover just on the edge. Almost mythical. Every once in a great while we catch a glimpse; a casual mention, an also-ran lost to the annals of time. We know they're there, but no proof exists. Least-wise none that we have been able to ferret out.

And we ferret.

We search high and low.

We look in the most obscure places. We run head first down bramble covered paths. We post to message boards, hunt down distant cousins, contact anyone, anyone who might have a lead.

We stay up late and get up early.

We lock ourselves in our Cave for days on end, certain that the next unindexed image will contain the Holy Grail.

We begin to mumble. And snap at our household members. No! I do NOT have time to do (fill in the blank) can't you see that I'm busy! This is very important work here, people! VERY important! And it must be solved. NOW.

Then we catch something out of the corner of our eye. A mention in an old history book, or a land sale - just enough to throw up our hands and demand a T.A.R.D.I.S. right this minute.

How could our ancestors have been so thoughtless, not to leave a well documented paper trail? Who do they think they are, anyway? Living their lives, minding their own business. Really.

And the ones that magically appear out of nowhere? They're the worst!  Just tell me, how do you one day just "appear" in the Colonies with thousands of acres of land? Or in a very nice house in Poughkeepise? And for crying out loud - how do you just fall off the earth after all of this? I mean seriously.


We chase unicorns.

But every once in a while .......

We actually catch one.

Are you chasing unicorns? Share your story in the comments - I'd love to hear I'm not alone!

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  1. You are definitely not alone! Lol, my current unicorn is Pleasant Philemon Privett. He just appeared when he was 16 in Alabama. No record of a father at all.

    1. It's always something! I have a few I'm chasing - but it is fun, isn't it?