Sunday, March 20, 2016

Five Photos ~ Five Weekends: #4 The Man Who Built My House

William C Wendler and Anna Schumann Wendler March 19, 1934
As it turns out, I don't have as many old family photos as I thought. 

However, since I really wanted to do something to commemorate the anniversary of my house yesterday, I thought I'd write about William and Anna.

This photo is of the couple, posing outside the house that William built, on their 50th wedding anniversary. 

Sometime in the spring of 1883 William had acquired a city lot in a brand new subdivision just annexed to the city of Elgin IL. He then spent the remainder of that year building a little two bedroom cottage with the help of his brother.

On March 19, 1884 William married Annie Schumann, then only 17 (William was 28), and brought her to their new home.

The house grew with the family and at some point before the turn of the century it gained a second story. And the family gained 9 children!

Plumbing and electricity would not follow until 1924.

William and Anna celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, as commemorated in the photo above, in 1934.

Yesterday, we celebrated the 132nd anniversary of a couple and of a home.

Thank you William.

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