Sunday, March 6, 2016

Field Notes: Ask And You Shall Receive

On Thursday I was researching the history of the early residences of my 2nd great grandmother, who was born in Manhattan NY in 1832.

I know absolutely nothing about New York.
Well, early New York City, anyway.

Now early Chicago, that's a different story.
I know exactly where to look to get my answers.

And I'm pretty good at early Orange Co, NY too.

But New York City? I was at a complete loss. And getting very, very frustrated.

After wasting about an hour getting nowhere, banging my head on the desk and getting a serious case of eye strain, I decided to pose my question to the New York Genealogy Network group on Facebook. Within minutes I started getting replies and in less than ten I had found exactly what I was looking for!

I was able to move forward with my research.

The day was saved.
(My head and eyes were saved!)

The point of this 'field note'? ASK! There are so many groups out there, just on Facebook alone. If you're stuck on something, just ask!

Odds are very good you'll find someone eager to help.

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