Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Mary Boak {Gen 4}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Mary Boak (Achsah, Wm Bull, James, William) was born in Scotchtown, Orange Co, New York October 17th 1801, to parents Achsah Faulkner and Jame Boak.

Mary married John Everett Bruster (1798-1874) about 1823 in Orange Co, New York.

The couple had at least 6 children: all born Wallkill, Orange Co, New York 

  • Caroline Elizabeth Bruster b. 30 Apr 1824 d. 5 Oct 1826
  • James Bruster b. 17 Aug 1825 d. UNK m. Eleanor Walker Johnson
  • Angeline Bruster b. 1 Feb 1828 d. UNK m. Eli Horton Young
  • Mary Emily Bruster b. 21 Jun 1833 d. UNK m. Nathan C Vail no issue
  • Lewis Bruster b. Dec 1836 d. UNK m. Liza Wylie no issue
  • Robert Boak Bruster b. Dec 1839 d. 1 Apr 1843

Mary Boak Bruster lived her entire life around Scotchtown/Wallkill, Orange Co, New York. She died March 6th 1870 and is buried in the Scotchtown Cemetery in Scotchtown, Orange Co, New York. Her husband John died March 1st 1874 and is buried alongside his wife. Their young children are buired beside them.

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