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Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Gabriel Houston {Gen 3}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Gabriel Houston (Sarah, James, William) was born May 25th 1798 in Middletown, Orange Co, New York. He was the third child and first son born to Sarah Faulkner and Thomas Houston.

Gabriel married Susan Ann Owen January 25th 1821 in Goshen, Orange Co, New York. Susan was the daughter of Isaac H Owen And Abigail Wisner.

Shortly after their marriage Gabriel and Susan Ann removed to Sussex Co, New Jersey where Gabriel was a businessman and farmer. The family resided on the Owen Homestead.

The couple had the following children: (all born Sussex Co, New Jersey)

  • Sarah Ann Houston b. 30 Jun 1822 d. 8 Jun 1858 m. Festus Hathaway Vail
  • Abigail Jane Houston b. 2 Apr 1824 d. 11 Jun 1891
  • Isaac Owen Houston b. 7 Feb 1826 d. 9 Feb 1826
  • Thomas E Houston b. 5 Oct 1827 d. 17 Jun 1862 m. Araminta Fleet
  • Erminda Houston b. 1 Apr 1830 d. 1 May 1833
  • Gabriel Wisner Houston b. 28 Mar 1832 d. 24 Feb 1911
  • Henry Owen Houston b. 10 May 1834 d. 5 Aug 1894 m. Harriet Hindes
  • Elizabeth W Houston b. 3 Apr 1836 d. 26 Jan 1840
  • James Nelson Houston b. 22 Apr 1838 d. 1921
  • Elizabeth Houston b. 1839 d. UNK
  • Susan Houston b. 8 Jan 1841 d. 19 Jan 1841
  • Susan Amelia Houston b. 28 Aug 1842 d. UNK m. Thomas Pickens
  • Philip L Houston b. 13 Jun 1844 d. 24 Dec 1872
  • Mary Ophelia Houston b. 24 Apr 1848 d. 1938

Gabriel Houston died January 22nd 1864 in Sussex Co, New Jersey. His wife Susan Ann Owen Houston died on December 15th 1878 also in Sussex Co, New Jersey. There is a large family burial plot in Warwick Cemetery, Orange Co, New York where their names appear on a large monument. The monument lists many of the children presumed buried there as well, however some of the children it has been discovered, are recorded on the monument but buried elsewhere.

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