Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Catherine Houston {Gen 3}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Catherine Houston (Sarah, James William) was born  about 1801 in Middletown, Orange Co, New York to parents Sarah Faulkner and Thomas Houston.

Catherine married David Corwin December 21st 1820 in Middletown, Orange Co, New York. David was the son of Daniel Corwin and Anna Hulse.

The couple had the following children:

  • Daniel  Corwin b. 19 Jun 1825 d. 1862 Iowa m. Mary Land
  • Sarah Ann Corwin b. 9 Apr 1827 d. 5 Jun 1890 m. Gabriel Smith Corwin
  • Emeline Corwin b. 2 Mar 1829 d. 26 Jun 1903 m. Oliver Lewis
  • Mary Corwin b. 26 Aug 1833 d. UNK m. John Davis Wilcox
  • Abigail Corwin b. 9 Feb 1837 d. 1852
  • Thomas H Corwin b. 1841 d. UNK 
photo courtesy Find A Grave

Catherine, David and the two youngest children were in Rockland Co, New York in 1850. David died May 23rd, 1857. Catherine's death is unknown. Their son Daniel was said to have died in Eddyville, IA. I found a listing on Find A Grave for a "D W Corwin" in Eddyville, IA - and with him a "David Corwin" (of Orange Co, New York) could this be David? And why is he buried in Iowa? And what happened to Catherine?

So many unanswered questions.

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