Friday, March 24, 2017

Fearless Females 2017 :: Week 3

Social Butterfly:
What social organizations or groups did your mother or grandmother belong to? Sewing circle, church group, fraternal benefit society or lodge? Describe her role in the group.

Yes! Yes and yes! Let's talk about my grandmother. The Queen of Genealogy! She was heavily involved with the So Cal Gen Society back in her day, she was also Regent of her DAR chapter. My mom was our Girl Scout leader for a time and participated in our grade schools as Room Mother at various times. Does that count?

Special Talent:
Shining star: Did you have a female ancestor who had a special talent? Artist, singer, actress, athlete, seamstress, or other? Describe.

As I shared last week, my great grandmother apparently liked to paint. I am fortunate enough to possess a painting done by her. Were there others? I don't know. Mine is not signed, but it is pretty good I can't imagine it was a one-and-done.

Surprising Fact:
Have you discovered a surprising fact about one of your female ancestors? What was it and how did you learn it? How did you feel when you found out?

My 2nd great grandmother gave me quite the surprise. My 2nd great grandfather was not her first husband. She was divorced with a 6 year old son when she met and married my 2nd great grandfather. My great grandfather had a half-brother! I was shocked and surprised - and I really, really want to know more. The ex husband went on to remarry and have another family too. I was working a 'puzzle' - the 1860 census listed the newly married couple (my 2nd great grandparents) along with their first born son, plus a 10 year old boy and a 16 year old girl! I pounced on the girl first, the surname was the same as my 2nd great grandmother, who was a mystery as far as parents go - I thought she might be a lead. Nope. Then I tried the boy with a completely different surname. Jackpot! It was several years ago so I don't remember the details, but let's just say it involved a very deep rabbit hole ....

Brick Wall:
Is there a female ancestor who is your brick wall? Why? List possible sources for finding more information.

One?? One! Bwahaha! I have far too many, so many that I recently started a new series on my blog just for these Brick Wall women. Crowd sourcing! But, to answer the prompt, sideways research. FAN research. Go big, cast the net wide because sometimes that great-aunt of the second-cousin of the brother-in-law just might have the answer .....

Leading Lady Life:
If a famous director wanted to make a movie about one of your female ancestors who would it be? What actress would you cast in the role and why?

Easy. My great grandmother Bessie Twining Potwin. And her early married life when she and her husband left Des Moines for the frontier of Oklakoma. The couple lived there for three years before her husband came to his senses and returned to 'civilized' life. She told her daughter once that she swept the yard to keep the dirt flat - there was no grass! Also easy. Merle Streep - she has a strong family resemblance already and I could just picture her in the role.

Do you share any physical resemblance or personality trait with one of your female ancestors? Who? What is it?

Oh Geez! When I look in the mirror my mother looks back. I also resemble my maternal grandmother and her mother as well. Personality-wise I'd say I share their spirit of adventure and certainly my grandmother's obsession with genealogy!

..........until next week..........

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