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Notes From My Grandmother | Twining Lineage and Genealogy, Part Five

Somehow, much of my grandmother's hand written and (badly) typed notes and research wound up in my possession. Traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles and back to Chicago again. It sat, in the dark of my mother's closet, until my dad passed and my mom decided to begin her great purge. Knowing I had picked up the torch, the next generation to pursue the Greatest Hobby on Earth, the papers came to live with me. Unsure for many years on just what to do with them, I have decided to bring them out and share them with you - transcribed, of course - no one can read my grandmother's handwriting! But in her own words; mistakes, rambling sentences, and all. I think she will be pleased her work and her writing are once again out in the light!

the Twining papers
The Twinings held a special fascination for my Grandmother. Her middle name was Twining. Her mother was a Twining. She drank Twining's tea, as did the rest of our family. I'm unclear as to the link between our family and the Twining's Tea Company, however. Our Twining ancestor came to the 'New World' c.1640 and has been recorded in the small book Genealogy of the Twining family : descendants of William Twining, Sr, who came from Wales or England.   

Of all the research I inherited, the Twining collection is by far the most expansive. My grandmother wrote 'stories' and typed up other little sketches on them. I will present them to you here, as written by her.

Twining Story, cont.

William IV, son of William III, like his father before him, very little is know of his life. He lived in Old Eastham, Massachusetts, but was said to have practiced law in Ohio for a time. (Never proved) William married Apphia Lewis in 1728. The couple had six children.


William Twining IV b. 9/2/1704
                              d. 11/17/1769
                              m. 2/21/1728 to Apphia Lewis
                                             daughter of Thomas Lewis and his wife Jane
                                                         b. 5/9/1704
                                                         d. 9/?/1793


Abigail b. 12/28/1730 d. 3/9/1769 m. 2/1750 to Joseph Rogers Jr
Thomas b. 7/5/1733 d. 4/23/1816 m. 10/24/1765 to Anna Cole
Ruth b. 12/30/1736 d. 3/9/1769
William b. 3/16/1739 d. 1759
Elijah b. 11/4/1741 d. 10/2/1802 m. 9/17/1763 to Louis Rogers
Eleazer b. 3/18/1744 d. 8/13/1762

***editor's note: this is a transcript of research completed in 1982 based on information available at that time. I have not yet researched this family further, but suspect there is more information/clarification available to us today. I will follow up at a future date with fresh data. *** 

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©1980-82 Elizabeth Twining Potwin Thomas - private collection

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