Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Frasers of Fife: Generation Three | Isabella Fraser and Thomas Johnstone

17. Isabella Fraser (Alexander -5, Duncan - 1) born February 18th 1795


Thomas Johnstone born 1789

children of this union:

      i. Robert Johnstone b. August 19th 1829 d. 1844 in Callas

47. ii. Alexander Johnstone b. July 29th 1822 m. Mary Marcer

      iii. Andrew Johnstone b. August 8th 1824 d. 1863 at sea

      iv. Thomas Johnstone b. 1827 d. 1863 Cape Town

      v. Duncan Johnstone b. 1830 d. in infancy

48. vi. Janet Johnstone b. 1832 m. David Lindsay

49. vii. William Johnstone b. 1834 m. Unknown Wife

      viii. James Johnstone b. 1836 d. 1861 at sea

50. ix. George Johnstone b. 1838 . M. MacMillan

Isabella died December 1877
Thomas  died November 6th 1875

~ all information provided here has been taken directly from the John Fraser family tree compiled in 1880 and as such is the only source for these writings - the objective being to record his work for further study and documentation ~ 

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