Sunday, October 9, 2016

Field Notes: Tidewater Virginia Families Study Group on Facebook

Tidewater Virginia Families Genealogy Group

Do you have Tidewater Virginia ancestors? Are they driving you crazy? Come join us as we decipher this bunch! Discussed in great detail in Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis' books, we are still guided by all her exhaustive research. Meet you kin and add your research surnames to our register. 

Surnames include: Bell, Binford, Bonner, Butler, Campbell,Cheadle, Chiles, Clements, Cotton, Dejarnette(att), Dumas, Ellyson, Fishback, Fleming, Hamlin, Hampton, Harrison, Harris, Haynie, Hurt, Hutcheson, Lee, Mosby, Mundy, Nelson, Peatross, Pettyjohn, Ruffin, Short, Spencer, Tarleton, Tatum, Taylor, Terrell, Watkins, Winston, Woodson.

Join us!

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