Monday, January 1, 2018

A "Top Ten" Year In Review: 2017

As we close the book on another year I decided to do what many other bloggers do, compile my list of the top ten blog posts published in 2017. I am honored that you have chosen to follow along with my genealogical adventures and read about my research. You have made these ten the most read posts in 2017. 

Without further ado:

Brick walls were popular! But of course who doesn't like the mystery of a brick wall. (Unless you're butting your head against it trying to find a way through)

I admit I started out 2017 with a bang, only to practically fizzle out toward the end of June when Real Life (see post #1) whacked me hard upside the head and it was all I could do to maintain focus on current life events. I lost both my fur-baby sidekicks (and crack genealogy sleuths!) in the span of 4 months this year, which further lessened my will to write.

But 2018 dawns fresh and new and I am resolute to get back in the Cave and soldier on. 

This year I hope to dig deeper into the Faulkner progeny, further explore my grandmother's (the Genealogy Queen) side of the family and expand her research, present more sketches via 52 Ancestors, bust a few more brick walls and visit some ancestral sites. Maybe even stick my toe in the DNA research pool!

Looks like I have my work cut out for me. Hope you'll continue to accompany me on this never-ending adventure. 

Wishing all of us a fortuitous New Year with many happy surprises.


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