Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | James Bull Faulkner {Gen 3}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

James Bull Faulkner (Joseph, James, William OR Priscilla, William, William) born June 28th 1824 in Orange Co, New York to parents (and first cousins) Joseph Faulkner and his wife Priscilla Faulkner.

James Bull married Susan Murdock (born in Ireland Nov 13th 1827) about 1850 in Pennsylvania.

The couple had at least 10 children: (all born Pennsylvania)
  • Mary Evaline Faulkner b. 1851 d. 1854
  • Franklin Wellington Faulkner b. Jan 1852 d. after 1920 never married
  • Louise Susan Faulkner b. Jan 1853 d. 4 Dec 1936 never married
  • Elizabeth Priscilla Faulkner b. 10 Mar 1854 d. 10 Mar 1892 m. Wm H Moyles
  • Martha Ann Faulkner b. May 1855 d. after 1930 never married
  • Evaline Faulkner b. 1858 d. before 1870
  • Clara J Faulkner b. 29 Jun 1860 d. 29 Feb 1892 never married
  • George Washington Faulkner b. 28 Nov 1862/3 d. 22 Mar 1906 never married
  • Charles Anderson Faulkner b. 26 Jul 1864 d. 31 Dec 1932 m. Beatrice Frances Silverstone
  • Sarah Margaret Faulkner b. 1867 d. after 1930 m. Clement H Beeson no issue 

James Bull Faulkner worked for the D & H Canal Company for 30 years. Perhaps this is what bought him to Pennsylvania.

James Bull Faulkner died November 18th 1901 in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. His wife Susan died Nov 13th 1893 also in Pennsylvania. They are buried in the Maplewood Cemetery in Carbondale with many of their children.

~This particular family line is proving to be very challenging, as you will see in the coming weeks. The family of Joseph and Priscilla Faulkner are showing to be elusive and vague. I intend to supply what I know, maybe something will ring a bell with someone.~

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