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Notes From My Grandmother | Busby Lineage and Genealogy, Part 1

Somehow, much of my grandmother's hand written and (badly) typed notes and research wound up in my possession. Traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles and back to Chicago again. It sat, in the dark of my mother's closet, until my dad passed and my mom decided to begin her great purge. Knowing I had picked up the torch, the next generation to pursue the Greatest Hobby on Earth, the papers came to live with me. Unsure for many years on just what to do with them, I have decided to bring them out and share them with you - transcribed, of course - no one can read my grandmother's handwriting! But in her own words; mistakes, rambling sentences, and all. I think she will be pleased her work and her writing are once again out in the light.

The Name and Family of Busby


Busby is a surname of Scandinavian origin, being derived from the word busk (Scottish bus) "a bush, shrub, thicket", combined with the suffix by, "a settlement, village". It is evident that the first to bear the surname assumed it from the place where they were living, possibly Bushby or Busby in Lanarkshire; Great or Little Busby, in Yorkshire; or Bushby, in Leicestershire. Anciently recorded in England as Bushby, Bushbey, Buskeby, Buskby, Busseby, Bushebie, Bushbie, Busbie, Busbye, Busbee, and Busby, the spellings most frequently found in America in modern times are Busby, Busbee, Bushby and Busbey. The last of these four forms is purely an American corruption of the name. Yet other spellings that occur in early American records are Buzby and Buzbee, though both of these are rarely encountered today.

In the year 1275 one John Busseby was a resident in the County of Oxford, England. Other early, though fragmentary, records of the name in England include those of Ricardus or Richard de Busby and Adam de Buskeby, both of whom were living in Yorkshire, England in 1379.

The earliest connected pedigree of the family began with Edmond Busby of Uttoxeter, in the County of Stafford, who was living in the early fourteenth century, if not before. Edmond had a son, Robert Busbye, who married Emme, daughter of John Hallon, had issue by her of Richard and Jane. Of these, Richard Busby married Anne, daughter of John Delves, and had issue by her of three children, John, Robert and Margaret, of whom the first married a daughter of Richard Sedfall but probably died without issue.

Robert, second son of Richard and Anne (nee Delves) Busby, of Staffordshire, married a daughter of William Bassett, of Drayton, and was the father by her of Henry and Isabel. Of these, Henry married a daughter of Sir Richard Egerton. To the last union were born four children, John, Robert, Jane and Margarett.

Busby Pedigree
John,the elder son left issue by his wife Ann, daughter of Rafe Mynar, of three sons, Anthony, Henry and John, of whom the first married Ellen, daughter of John Arblasher, and was the father by her of Richard, and Edmond. Of these, Richard married a daughter of John Chetwin and had issue by her of Galfridus or Geoffrey, Lawrence, Rowland, Emme, and Mary.

Galfridus or Geoffrey Busby, the eldest of the last mentioned brothers, married Cassandra, daughter of Richard Okeover, and was the father of Geffrey or Geoffrey Busby, of Barleythorpe, County Rutland. This Geffrey married Alice, daughter of Richard Holland, toward the end of the sixteenth century and had issue by her of Thomas, Richard, Isabel, Elizabeth, Lucas, George, Robert, Sarah, Anne, and Alice Busby. Of these, Thomas died without issue; while Richard was married before 1616 to Frances, daughter of William Whaley, of Leicestershire and was father by her at Barleythorpe of a son named William.

Humphrey Busby was rector of Bexwell, in the year 1556, but nothing is known concerning his immediate family.

Thomas Busbye or Busby, who was living in Buckinghamshire in the last quarter of the 16th century, was the father of John Busbye, who purchased Addington Manor, in that county, and was buried at Addington in 1635. This John left issue by his wife Joane, daughter of Robert Johnstone, of Robert, John, Judith, Mary, Elizabeth, and Catherine Busby. Of these, Robert married Abigail, daughter of Sir John Gore, of London, and was father by her of Sir John, Hester, and Abigail Busby, of whom the first became Colonel of the Buckinghamshire Militia and died in 1700; having had issue by his wife Judith, daughter of Sir William Manwaring, Governor of Chester, of two children, Thomas and Hester.

John the younger son of John and Joane (nee Johnstone) Busby, married Joan, daughter of Ralph Collyer, of Oxfordshire. His children by her were Joan, Charles and Mary.

.......... to be continued ..........

 ***editor's note: this is a transcript of research completed in 1982 based on information available at that time. I have not yet researched this family further, but suspect there is more information/clarification available to us today. I will follow up at a future date with fresh data. ***

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