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Notes From My Grandmother | Thomas Lineage and Genealogy, Part 3

Somehow, much of my grandmother's hand written and (badly) typed notes and research wound up in my possession. Traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles and back to Chicago again. It sat, in the dark of my mother's closet, until my dad passed and my mom decided to begin her great purge. Knowing I had picked up the torch, the next generation to pursue the Greatest Hobby on Earth, the papers came to live with me. Unsure for many years on just what to do with them, I have decided to bring them out and share them with you - transcribed, of course - no one can read my grandmother's handwriting! But in her own words; mistakes, rambling sentences, and all. I think she will be pleased her work and her writing are once again out in the light.

Our third Thomas is Zadoc, my great grandfather. My grandmother did not know much about him either. She did not know when he was born or when he died. I suspect her difficulty, in part, was that by the time she found genealogy (the greatest hobby on earth) her husband was dead. And along with his departure, all the knowledge of the Thomas family. She did what she could, for her children, but her lifelong passion was her own family, her own blood. So .... here's what we do know of Zadoc: 

Zadoc Willis was born in Columbiana Co, OH May 18th 1856. He was the second son and second born child of Jesse Thomas Jr and Joanna Bell Stanley. By 1880 Zadoc was a teacher in Oskaloosa, Iowa, his family having relocated there around 1870. 

Zadoc met and married Laura Alice Busby October 1st 1885. The couple set up housekeeping in Fort Dodge, IA near Zadoc's parents, who had recently moved to the town.

Zadoc and "Allie" had four children, 3 sons and a daughter. They sadly lost their second son, Lauren, at the tender age of 7.

Zadoc spent most of his adult life as a lawyer and real estate professional. His life was cut short in 1814, when he died as the result of an automobile accident.  He was just 58 years old. Zadoc is buried in the Thomas family plot in Oakland Cemetery, in Webster Co, IA. 


Zadoc Willis Thomas b. 5/18/1856
                                      d. 6/16/1914
                                      m. 10/1/1885 to Laura Alice Busby
                                                              daughter of Elijah Busby and Eliza A Bass
                                                                 b. 9/26/1861
                                                                 d. after 10/25/1952


Dana E  b. 9/5/1886 d. 1960 m. Fern Frances
Lauren Hubert b. 7/24/1891 d. 9/30/1898
Edith Irene b. 1898 d. 1985 m. Forest Dewey Anderson
ROBERT WILLIS b. 5/3/1904 d. 5/25/1955 m. Elizabeth Twining Potwin

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©1980 Elizabeth Twining Potwin Thomas - private collection

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