Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fun With Charts!

Earlier this week I saw a post on Facebook about an Ancestor Chart a fellow blogger had made. The post received a lot of comments, and I presume many charts were made as a result. I made one. It was a nice diversion from a problem I was noodling over in the Cave. I posted it on Facebook - it was the most popular post of the day on my page .....

So I thought why not blog about it!?

The post that started the Facebook frenzy (?) is here - written by Michael Dyer of the Family Sleuther blog. However he was inspired by Linda Stufflebean's post on her blog Empty Branches On The Family Tree.

Here is my version:

Looks like I still have some work to do!

While doing a little research for this post (yes, I did some research) I found Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches post on the same subject! We like our charts, don't we?!

What does your chart look like?

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