Monday, January 26, 2015

Not Enough Hours In The Day: Genealogy Do-Over Week 4

ARGH!!!! I am feeling the effects of information overload coupled with way too much to do in my non-genealogy life.

Thirteen weeks? Not nearly enough time!! The next two months I'll be lucky to get even two hours a week alone in my Genealogy Cave. My organization has turned to chaos as I write post-it after post-it of need-to-do's.

I feel my digital files are not well enough organized. I'm still finding the odd photo or document not in it's proper place. (post-it to make time to sort through all docs and pics on computer) My interviews? Well, how am I supposed to interview everyone on my list in a week!? (post-it to find email address of relatives, draft email, send email) I have committed to learn to use the dreaded spreadsheet. (post-it to learn how to use a spreadsheet) I want to create a set of documents to store notes, to-do's, etc. on my computer instead of hand writing everything (post-it to created docs for plan, to-do list, etc) Learn to use Dropbox (post-it to learn to use Dropbox) .... well, you get the idea.

I feel like I'm swimming against the current. Working hard and getting nowhere.

So today I decided to be realistic. This is not a competition. This is a learning process. I want to take my time, slow down and really focus on each step for as long as it takes. My ultimate goal with the Do-Over is to have a well sourced, true pedigree. One I can proudly upload publically knowing it is 100% correct.

And that will take some time.

This afternoon I made a fresh pot of coffee and dialed up the Genealogy Do-Over web post from Legacy. I felt a great weight lift from my shoulders as Thomas reassured us that this will take time. That life will happen. That it might take 13 weeks, 13 months or 13 years ..... and that's OK. 

Yes, yes it IS OK. I'm OK. It's all good. (and I can throw away that post-it about spreadsheets!)

So, I'm back at the beginning, taking one bite at a time, doing what I can, when I can. The difference is now I have a support group and some great tools to use, so when life takes my attention I'll have a documented place to again pick up the quest. No more two steps forward, one step back for me! I've got all the time I need .....

I think thirteen months is quite doable.


  1. Anne - Congratulations. You have it. It's a learning process, take your time. One Elephant or bite at a time.

    I started to redo all of my Citations 2 years ago. Still a work in progress. I am not concerned about getting them all in the correct format, but, I know the Records better, what to capture for each one and know how to search for and find those missing pieces of information.

    One suggestion: Turn the clock OFF. Its not a race, it's gathering the stories that our Ancestors want us to find. One bite at a time.

    Good luck,


    1. Thanks Russ! I need a little incentive to keep moving ahead - one goal per month, or perhaps six weeks - if I have a bit of a deadline I am better at staying on task. But I agree, there is no time limit - one bite at a time!

  2. Anne, it is with THIS lesson that I think you can call this exercise a success. You're right - you can't do all of these things in a week. That's why I stopped trying. I will test the week's scheduled tasks with one individual and determine (a) whether any other steps need to be taken in order for me to complete those tasks, (b) how much time those tasks might take on a regular basis, and (3) ultimately whether it is something I feel is essential to the way I research. Then I go back to what I was doing (pretty much still on week 2). But when it comes time to do the week 4 tasks, I'll be ready! Slow and steady ...

    And yes. Post-it notes.

    1. Jenny, so glad I'm not alone! I like your one ancestor test, that's a great idea. I, apparently, am still doing some Week 1 items - but I'm plugging along - thanks for the encouragement!