Sunday, January 4, 2015

Eating The Elephant: Genealogy Do-Over

This assignment, this challenge, this disciplined fresh start is exactly what I needed to start Eating  the Elephant. I have tiptoed around the very real need to address the mess I had created in my newbie clickophile years. Just the thought of beginning the task sent me running. I tried denial. I tried focusing on other tasks, or other branches of the tree I knew were right. I kept myself busy ....

But the Elephant would not leave the room.

It haunted me in my sleep. It nagged at the corners of my mind during "Who Do You Think You Are". But the thought of 'killing off' all those 'ancestors'! I just couldn't do it! They might be family!

Then Thomas MacEntee in his Superman cape swooped in and saved the day! He was offering a Genealogy Do-Over. A DO-OVER! Yes! That is exactly what I need! Oh! But where to start? My head started reeling at the possibilities. I joined the Facebook group and promptly became overwhelmed at all the ideas being tossed around. "I can't do this"! I screamed from the cocoon of my Genealogy Cave. I began to weep.

Again Thomas MacEntee came to my aid. With a level head and calm advice he presented the group with a simple plan. I CAN do this! I CAN eat the Elephant! I did a happy dance in the Cave and rejoiced.

I took a deep breath and began, slowly.

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  1. Love your humourous take on what's a huge challenge. All the best with that poor elephant :)