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Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Nelson Faulkner {Gen 3}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Nelson Faulkner (John M, Samuel, William) was born in Tioga Co, New York, about 1839, to parents John M Faulkner and his second wife Catherine LNU.

Nelson married Martha Shaw in 1872 according to the 1900 federal census, most likely in Tioga Co, New York.

The couple had at least two children:
  • Myrtle V Faulkner b. 29 May 1877 d. 29 Sep 1923 m. Daniel W Knarr
  • Frederick Jackson Faulkner b. 13 Apr 1880 d. 11 Mar 1956 m. Claire Edith Hanna

Nelson Faulkner, as is the case with most Faulkners,  is a bit confusing. There are a great deal of conflicting documents available. What I recorded  here is what I have learned.

Nelson Faulkner was born in Tioga Co, New York and lived the first half of his life there. He removed to Clearfield Co, Pennsylvania in 1880 and later moved to Clinton Co, PA.  He was listed on the 1863 Civil War draft registration records for Tioga Co, New York, being recorded as a 'person of class I subject to do military duty in the 26th congressional district state of New York'. I have not found any record of him actually serving.

Nelson died July 13th 1909 of a laudanum overdose at his home in Clinton Co, Pennsylvania. He is buried in the Flemington Cemetery in Clinton Co, PA.  Martha Shaw Faulkner died November 6th 1915 of typhoid fever and is buried next to her husband Nelson.

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