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Finding Faulkner: The Progeny | Harrison "Harry" Faulkner {Gen 3}

It started, as good quests always do, with a family tale.

Harrison "Harry" Faulkner (James, Samuel, William) was born in Wallkill, Orange Co, New York, sometime between 1825 and 1829, to parents Col James Faulkner and his wife Martha McBride.

Harrison married 'Miss' Jennie Whitford May 1st 1856 in Grass Lake, Jackson Co, Michigan.

Shortly after the marriage the couple relocated to Faribault, Minnesota.

The couple had three sons together:
  • Arthur Edward Faulkner b. 2/1859 d. 8/21/1923 m. Ellen Lumley no issue
  • Lloyd Anson Faulkner b. 9/30/1862 d. 12/18/1933 m. Anna O'Connell
  • Louis Nelson Faulkner b. abt 1864 d. 8/31/1920 never married

Turns out 'Miss' Whitford was actually the former Mrs Daniel Nichols and already had a 6 year old son, James, at the time of her marriage to Harrison. The boy lived with his mother and step father, relocating to Minnesota with the family.

On May 29th 1878 Mrs Jennie Faulkner was granted a divorce from her husband.

Harrison's exact age/birthdate remain uncertain. The available census records put his date of birth anywhere between 1825 and 1831. His obituary claims he was 80 years old when he died.

Harrison lived the remainder of his life in Minnesota, always near his ex-wife and sons. He was a carpenter by trade and made fine furniture. His obituary states that he also studied medicine, was a railroad fireman and worked in the lead mines in Galena, IL. Whether this is a case of 'tall tales' or the truth, remains to be seen. Other statements made in the obituary have been proved false.

At any rate, it seems Harrison lived a colorful life.

Harrison Faulkner died September 3rd 1905. He is buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery in Rice Co, MN in an unmarked grave.

Obituary - Rice County Journal:  "The late Harrison Faulkner, whose funeral took place in Faribault Wednesday afternoon, came of a family with some distinguished members. His great grandfather, who was of Scotch lineage, immigrated to what was in his time the colony of New York, early in the eighteenth century. James Faulkner, father of Harrison Faulkner, settled in Michigan 1833, on a tract of land where he spent the remainder of his days, near Grass Lake. He had been a colonel in the war of 1812, and was at one time in command of Staten Island, N.Y. before moving to Michigan.

Col. Faulkner lived for a time in Tennessee(*), and was owner of a large plantation, and of a good many slaves, but when he removed to Michigan he took only a few slaves with him, whom he freed soon after. They would not leave their old "massa." 

Harrison Faulkner was born in Goshen, Orange co., N.Y., in 1825. He studied medicine for two years, but gave up that profession. Working on a railroad, he was the first fireman on the Michigan central railroad. Then he went to the lead mines at Galena, Ill., and remained there a number of years. In 1855 Mr. Faulkner married Miss. Jennie Whitford, and in 1856 he came to Minnesota, being one of the first settlers of Faribault, as his grandfather had been one of the early settlers in New York, and his father one of the early settlers of Michigan.

Mr. Faulkner for a time followed the trade of carpenter in this city. He was a man of honest, upright character in all his dealings. he was well educated, as were all his brothers and a pleasing gentleman to converse with, having seen much, and observed and thought much about what he had seen. He will be missed not only by his family, but by the early settlers of the city.

Mr. Faulkner leaves three sons; Arthur E. of St. Paul; Dr. Lloyd A. of Lonsdale, and Louis N. of New York City. Louis Faulkner is a distinguished stone carver, having been an instructor of the Armour Industrial school in Chicago, and employed in work on some of the finest mansions in the east.

Harrison Faulkner was the last of his family - all his brothers and sisters having preceded him to the grave, at advanced ages." 

NEWSPAPER CLIPPING: "13/sep/1905--the funeral of Harrison Faulkner was held from the cathedral at 2 p. m. Wednesday, Rev. A. R. Hill officiating. The pallbearers were Alex Smith, Cap. Cavanaugh, H. P. Sime, Judge Turner, M. B. Haskell, William Wachlin, and George Dandelet. The interment was made in Maple Lawn. Mr. Faulkner was an early settler in this city but of late years has resident in Lonsdale. No man was held in higher respect by his friends. Mr. Faulkner died at the advanced age of 80."

(*)NOTE: there has been no evidence found that Harrison's father James ever lived in Tennessee or owned slaves. The family migrated directly from New York to Michigan in 1834. Historically, the family never owned slaves.

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