Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekend $hopper - great deals in genealogy related products

Welcome to Weekend $hopper
Check out my curated list for some sweet genealogy-related deals this weekend!

From our friends at Family Tree:

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And From our friends at Evidentia:

From May 1st through the 10th get FREE shipping from the Evidentia Store.

Added bonus #1: On May 2nd anyone who buys the software AND the companion book will get the Evidentia Quickstart Guide for free! (click HERE)

Added bonus #2: readers of this blog will receive 16% off their purchase with coupon code AARCH (click HERE and enter code at checkout)

Want to learn more about Evidentia? Click here to watch this short video.

• Do you want your genealogy software to help you separate fact from fiction?
• Do you want to see all your evidence together before making an informed decision?
• Do you want your genealogy software to help you feel confident in your research?

Evidentia was designed from the start to help the amateur and advanced genealogists alike to answer YES to those questions.

Happy Hunting