Friday, February 26, 2016

Five Photos ~ Five Weekends

Inspired by several other bloggers doing similar photo challenges, (links follow post), I have decided to entertain myself, and hopefully you, with a vintage family photo and a tale - tall or otherwise - to accompany it.

I have so many more that five that I would choose, but in the spirit of the game I will limit myself to five to begin.

I will post the weekends of Feb 27/28, Mar 5/6, Mar 12/13, Mar 19/20 and Mar 26/27.

This weekend I will introduce you to my absolutely favorite 2nd great uncle - "the fun uncle" - Charlie Irons. I never met him, but he'd be one I'd travel back in time to hang out with! I use his photo on my business card (I won't spoil it - I might use the photo for a story) and he is the laughing one in the photo on my Facebook header.

I absolutely adore "uncle" Charlie, I hope you will too!

See you this weekend!

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