Thursday, December 25, 2014

And The Second Challenge Is .... Genealogy Do-Over!

 Genealogy Do-Over!! Yes! I'm IN! This is going to be great! I am so loving this idea!! I threatened to do the very same thing last year. I Talked about it. Asked advice from other genealogy peeps on how to go about it. I got overwhelmed. And scared of hitting "delete" on all my "family", even though much of it was added with gusto from other people's trees with not a lick of proof. Ah, the newbie years!

My material grandmother was a HUGE genealogy nut - president of her Society in CA - did tons of research. I have all of her papers and notations. My first attempt at genealogy was in the 1980's with her research. I built a little (paper) tree, played with it now and then, mostly left it alone.

When my dad died in 2007 and I inherited his research (there really wasn't much) I wanted to dig deeper and learn more about my paternal side. I spent the next 7 years hand building that line. Did it mostly right, corrected mistakes as soon as they were discovered and I feel really good about the work. Busted a few brick walls, found some new cousins and started a One-Name study. My mother's side is another story entirely.

Today I am getting a DNA sample from my mom and will craft my Do Over starting with her, using the DNA results, my grandmother's notes and my now more seasoned research knowledge. Still not ready to "delete" the old work, but I will store it with a different name and remove it from my main working tree.

Can't wait to get started!!

You can read about the Do Over here:

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