Photo Friday

The Collection
This series was birthed from the large old photo album I rediscovered in the back of my closet. Many of the photos are from my grandmother's side of the family. There are also unknown photos that came with the album. Story goes my dad, an avid garage saler, picked up a celluloid covered Victorian era photo album on one of his scavenges. It already contained photos of an (as yet) unidentified family. My parents put our own vintage family photos in the album alongside the mystery family's.  As children we marveled at the old fashioned clothing and settings, often wondering who these people were and what their lives were like. Of course, we thought that ALL the people in the photos were our relations! It wasn't until my mom passed the album on to me after my dad died that I learned of the mystery family residing alongside our own!

M A Potwin and Cyrus
Ralph's Muttonchops
Sittin' With Kittens
New Hat
Group Outing
Mrs. Bryson
Out Front
A Dapper Gentleman
She Wore Velvet
Little Ralph
A Handsome Fellow
Great Uncle Cehe
EWA's Boys
The Mystery Boys of Champaign IL - mystery collection
Aunt Hettie, Most Likely
E W Ashby's Daughters
Thanksgiving Night 1897
Mystery Pair From Champaign, IL - mystery collection
Curly Top - mystery collection
Baby Big Hands - mystery collection
Woman Reading - mystery collection
Another Mystery Baby, Maybe
E N Hart and Wife
E N Hart's Son
Blonde Sister
Brunette Sister
Dr Parsons
Mrs Parsons
Young Man With Moustache - mystery collection
Baby And A Bench - mystery collection
Lois And Earl
Happy Baby - mystery collection
Another Mystery Baby - mystery collection
Applonia Rowley

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