Frasers of Fife

1880 John Fraser Family Tree
Welcome to the Frasers of Fife Genealogy Page. As I record the work of John Fraser, as written on the 1880 Family Tree, I will link the posts to this page for easy access and perusal.

Documenting the family tree
Documenting the family tree - continued
And Then There Were Three!
More Trees! Four, Five and Six

Duncan Fraser and Isobel Burness

Margaret Fraser and John Gibb
William Fraser and Agnes Bane
John Fraser and Ann Johnstone
Alexander Fraser and Janet Lockart
James Fraser and Mary MacLaren

Agnes Fraser and Charles Stewart
Isabella Gibb and Hugh Fraser
John Gibb and Mary Harries
Helen Fraser and George Galloway
Duncan Fraser and Allison Grieve Forsyth
John Fraser and Ann Brown
William Fraser and Christian Wishart
Alexander Fraser and Elizabeth Chalmers
Agnes Fraser and Charles Stewart
Hugh Fraser and Ann Amelia Cleminston
Isabella Fraser and Thomas Johnstone
Duncan Fraser and Helen Mowbray
Margaret Fraser and George Mackie
James Fraser and Agnes Calander
George Fraser and Jane Turpie
Agnes Fraser and David Shields
Alexander Fraser and Ann Young
John Fraser and Agnes Stenhouse
James Fraser and Jane Tod
William Fraser and Ann Nisbet

Margaret Fraser and John Shaw
William Fraser and Jesse Duncan
Elizabeth Gibb and Alexander Blair Blyth
James Gibb and Elizabeth Curry
William Gibb and Elizabeth Deas Miller
Isabella Gibb and George Braid
Elizabeth Galloway and Robert Brown
James Galloway and Catherine McKenzie
Agnes Bane Fraser and James Porteous Scott
William Fraser and Eliza Fairbairn
Gilbert Fraser and Mary Cargill
James Fraser and Mary Buckley
Ann Fraser and James D Winton
David Fraser and Mary Kydd Findlay
Robert Alexander Fraser and Catherine Oliphant
Jessie Fraser and David Wightman Cargill
Agnes Fraser and James Irons III
Janette Fraser and Alexander Brown
Elizabeth Fraser and James Stewart
John Duncan Fraser and Anna Eliza Liddel
Alexander Fraser and Sarah Ann Crum
Alexander Johnstone and Mary Marcer
Janet Johnstone and David Lindsay
William Johnstone and UNK
George Johnstone and M MacMillan
Charlotte Fraser and James Irvine
Janet Fraser and John Jarvis
May Fraser and Robert McKendrick
Alexander Mackie and Margaret Fouler
James Mackie and Jane Dickson

Isobel Burness
Agnes Fraser Irons

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