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Welcome to my world, er, Cave. My name is Anne and I am a hopeless genealogy addict. a passionate family historian and lover of all things past. A serious genealogy hobbyist. I have over 20 years experience working on my own family lineage and I am continually making new discoveries! It is my hope to share with you my world in the Cave. Telling stories of ancestors, sharing information, discoveries, frustrations, etc. Talking about new tools for the dig, fresh challenges, cool|nerdy things genealogy related. Sharing the Greatest Hobby on Earth.

My own research is primarily U.S. based. The States I'm concentrating on are New York, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota. I have recently begun to research in the UK and Ireland.

GEDmatch kits I manage: A012585, A050359, A269249, A361245, A456858, A514886, A773464

My Ancestry profile is here.


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I have a pet surname project ongoing to research 
the Faulkner surname with origins in Ulster/Orange Co, New York.
Contact me if you are interested in learning more.

Mission Statement: I write about my family history journey from a personal perspective, with humor and truth, in order to help other family historians find answers or support through my stories. I do this because I believe family history is important, knowing where you came from is both humbling and powerful."

Want to start your own adventure? Curious about your family history? I can help! Tracing your family origins can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. I am available for hire or consultation, contact me at research@ancestorarchaeology.net to discuss your needs. (More info HERE)