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Best Practices for Attaching Records to Your Online Tree
Using the Google Goldmine for Genealogy - James Tanner
Robert Kehrer - How to use un-indexed records
Approach Your Family History Research Like A Pro
Ten Steps to Writing and Publishing Your Family History
Thinking About Becoming a Professional Genealogist?
How to break down brick walls after 1837
How to Break Down Brick Walls Before 1837
Social History for Genealogists | Webinar | Findmypast
Tracing your Medieval and Early Modern Ancestors
What Makes Vital Records So Vital
Sourcing Information Not on
Search Like A Detective
The Findmypast Search Masterclass
Answers Hiding in Plain Sight: Using What You Know to Discover What You Don't
The Timeline Grid: An Easy Way to Track, Organize, and Use Your Research
Using Pre-1850 Census to Find Family Relationships

Genealogy Methodology: Documenting Parentage
Genealogy Methodology: Negative Evidence
Genealogical Proof Standard: An Introduction
Proving Parentage
Genealogical Proof Standard: Analysis and Correlation of the Collected ...
Genealogy Methodology: View Your Family Tree a Different Way
Genealogical Proof Standard: Reasonably Exhaustive Search
Genealogical Proof Standard: Complete and Accurate Citation of Sources
Genealogical Proof Standard: Resolution of Conflicting Evidence
Genealogical Proof Standard: Soundly Reasoned, Coherently Written Conclusion
Sourcing Your Vitals - Citations for Birth, Marriage and Death Records
Family Tree Reason Statements Made Easy

Irish Research
David Rencher - How do I deal with common names in Ireland?
David Rencher - How do I find my initial link to Ireland?
David Rencher - How do I deal with destroyed records in Ireland?
Everything you need to know about Irish family history records
Tracing your British and Irish ancestors with James Tanner
Secrets to Successful Irish Family Research

Getting Started, Step 1 - Finding Easy Information
Getting Started, Step 3 - Finding Challenging Information
Start Your Family History Journey
Jumpstart Your Family History in Ten Steps - James Tanner
Basic Series: Part 1 - Getting Started with FamilySearch Family Tree
Basic Series: Part 2 - Communicating what you know about your Genealogy
Basic Series: Part 3 - Beginning Descendancy Research - James Tanner
Basic Series: Part 4 - Adding Sources to the Family Tree - James Tanner

Using the U.S. Federal Census
Ancestry Academy - Finding Your Military Veterans on Fold3
An Introduction to TopoView
Mining the Treasures in Newspapers
Five Things You Can Do This Weekend to Clean Up Your Family Tree
Using City Directories in Your Research
David Rencher - Where does my family name come from?
Using Evernote for Genealogy Organization
Organizing and Preserving Your Family Papers
Finding your ancestors in historic newspapers
Understanding the Census of England and Wales
Starting Out with the 1939 Register
Understanding parish records
Unlocking Roman Catholic Records with Findmypast
Unpicking the Past: Revealing Secrets in Old Military Photographs
Reveal Your Unique Story through DNA, Family History & Video
Using DPLA for Genealogy and Family History
Using the Internet Archive for Genealogy - James Tanner

Discovering Your Colonial Immigrant Ancestor
Find Your 17th-c. New England Ancestors with NEHGS
How to Apply to Lineage Societies: Tips from NEHGS
Searching Study Projects on AmericanAncestors org
Access the Expertise at NEHGS from Home

Family Tree DNA Results Explained: Y-DNA Markers, Matching & Genealogy
AncestryDNA: What To Do With All Those Matches
GEDMatch Basics
Autosomal DNA - a step-by-step approach to analyzing your atDNA matches ...
Can a DNA Test Help You Find Your Ancestors or Relatives? - Part 1
DNA for Beginners

Coming Soon
Finding Elusive Records in FamilySearch
Family Tree Cleanup Case Study 1: Untangling Wesley Jackson's Family
Finding Your Ancestor in American Fraternal Organization Records
Introduction to Slovenian Research - Milan Pohontsch
Chinese American Genealogy
Genealogy Methodology:  Who Are These People on This Census
PRONI - A Digital Landscape:  Exploring Historical Map Applications
Genealogy Research Tools:  Pre-1800 British Research

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