Family History Research Service

Are you ready to discover where you came from? No time to trace your family yourself? Curious, but not all that "into" genealogy? Let me help!

I offer research by the hour for a variety of needs. Primarily focused on general start-up research, helping you begin your genealogy adventure. I can also do more intensive research focused on a single subject, a brick wall, one surname, etc.

LOCATIONS: Research focused in the United States, Canada, the UK and Ireland only.

I do not do adoption research or research living people, or any research needed in order to qualify for membership in any organization.

Using primarily online research resources, I will find your ancestors and grow your family tree! You will receive electronic copies of any documents I discover, and a pedigree/ancestor chart. I can provide family group sheets or other reports based on your research needs.

All information regarding you or your tree will be kept confidential.

The cost is for the research, not the results.

My hourly research rate is $35.00/hour. I offer several package options as well.


PACKAGE 1: "The Starter" $59.00
Includes 2 hours of basic research. Using all online resources available to me, including census, birth, marriage, death, immigration, military and other records. This package will get you up to three generations with basic information only. Birth, marriage, death, residence locations. (Note: you are generation 1)

PACKAGE 2: "The StarterPlus" $89.00
Includes 3 hours of research. Allowing for a bit more digging, depending on your needs this could mean more focused research on one individual, or discovering more generations.

PACKAGE 3: "Growing Tree" $119.00
Includes 4 hours of more in depth research, allowing to dig deeper into the first 3 generations on your tree to give you a more complete story, with the probability of discovering more generations.

PACKAGE 4: "Deeper Roots" $149.00
Includes 5 hours of research. I should be successful in researching up to 5 generations on at least one of your lines. As we go farther back in time the records become less available, often resulting in dead ends. Please note that it is impossible to know how much information or how many generations I can complete per hour.


♦After you provide some information on which ancestor or ancestors you'd like researched, I will do a thorough online search for the answers you seek. It is impossible to guarantee the amount of information I will be able to discover about your family tree. If the information is available, I will discover it, but be aware that often a family line will simply hit a "brick wall" due to lack of sufficient available resources.

♦If your family has deep roots in America, information is usually found quite effectively. Sometimes there are roadblocks when very common names are encountered, or more recent generations (grandparents) names and places of births are unknown. I cannot make any guarantees to finding specific information, but I will use all my resources to find it.

♦It is very difficult to determine how much research I will be able to do within your chosen time package as it depends on how easily the records are located. Please be aware that sometimes records used for genealogy research have been lost or destroyed for any number of reasons through the years, and much of it is still unavailable online. I will do my best, and I will advise you if it appears that more time will be required to properly sort out your family tree or brick wall problem. The cost is for the research, not the results. 


All packages will include a pedigree chart. Any copies found of any pictures, stories, census, wills, marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc. related to the individuals will also be included. *The Starter package will have limited additional documents based on the limited research time, but if I find it, it will be included. 

I do research primarily in the US; however, sometimes I can find a few generations in the mother country. I cannot make any guarantees to finding specific information, but I will use all my resources to find it.

Questions? Ready to get started? Contact me at and let's start your family history journey today! You will be so glad you did!