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PATRIOT WEEK! Benjamin Price (1732 ~ UNK)

Today's patriot is Benjamin Price from Maryland Colony. DAR #A093024 - SAR #P-273636. As with many of these men, the details of their lives and service are sketchy, at best. So many thousands of our ancestors are still unrecognized for the part they played in history. Ordinary men, and women, being called to something historically extraordinary, just another day in the life?

He is a study unto himself, which I have not yet undertaken. Here is what I have collected, know, or suspect so far. Benjamin Price was born March 8th, 1732 in or near Baltimore, Maryland Colony. His parentage is currently being debated, most records point to Thomas Price as being his father.  He married Millicent Vaughn between 1748 and 1752.

Benjamin appears to have joined the 6th Company of the 2nd Maryland Regiment of the Continental Infantry between 1776 and 77 as a foot soldier. The regiment would see action during the New York Campaign, Battle of Trenton, Battle of Princeton, Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown, Battle of Monmouth, Battle of Camden and the Battle of Guilford Court House.

1st Lieutenant Benjamin Price is listed among the men in the fight at Valley Forge in June 1778. On August 1st, 1780 he was promoted to Captain of the Maryland Militia, 4th Sub Legion at Fredericks Town, Maryland. There are some additional letters and other correspondence here. One, dated November 11th, 1795 says: "Price would like to be allowed to settle his account without having to make the arduous journey to Philadelphia. As a result of a wound he received, he suffers from violent pressure on his breast which causes him much distress and prevents him from travelling great distances."

I am descended from Benjamin and Millicent's daughter Edith. My lineage is as follows:

Benjamin Price (1732 - UNK) m. Millicent Vaughn (1724/34 - 1787)
i. Edith Price (1755 - 1830) m. John Busby II (1750 - 1791)
i. John Busby III (1774 - 1853) m. Agnes Wisner (1778 - 1855)
i. John Wisner Busby (1806 - 1870) m. Anna Merryman/Merriman (1807 - 1877)
i. Elijah Busby (1831 - 1917) m. Eliza Ann Bass (1836 - 1917)
i. Laura Alice Busby (1861 - 1952) m. Zadoc Willis Thomas (1856 - 1914)
i. Robert Willis Thomas (1904 - 1955) - my grandfather

The exact date of death of Benjamin Price is unknown.

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